The Royal Adelaide Hospital is one of the most advanced hospitals in the world.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital offers world class care in a modern and flexible environment

When you walk into the main entrance area, you encounter an amazing two storey glass atrium which says a lot about the design features of this hospital.

The notion of a park within a hospital and a hospital within a park.


The biggest infrastructure project in South Australian history

Spanning three city blocks, the $2.4 billion Royal Adelaide Hospital is one of the biggest infrastructure project in South Australian history.

At almost three times the length of Wembley Stadium in the UK, it’s very large, but it’s also been built to a human scale.


A park with in a hospital and a hospital within a park

When you walk through the Royal Adelaide Hospital you’re able to look outside and see greenery. People who come here don’t necessarily feel like they’re going into a hospital, and this may help to alleviate any anxiety they’re feeling.

It’s also beneficial from a healing point of view for people to have a much more natural aspect to consider while they’re in hospital. 

700 single rooms, all with an outward facing aspect, underpin an internationally recognised approach to hospital design.

The patients’ needs are paramount with technical staff working hard to ensure the comfort of everyone, from surgeons to orderlies and from nurses to catering staff

The data centre

The data centre is home to approximately 220 servers that run the operations for the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

There are about two million kilometres of structured cables that run throughout the facility.

The team manages about 1,000 doors and 1,400 card access readers, so it’s a sizeable operation.

Thoughts about the New Royal Adelaide Hospotal

Di Mantell – CEO of Celsus which operates and manages the Royal Adelaide Hospital

“We’ve optimised the systems, we know how the state wants to work within the building, and as partners, we’ve now been able to understand what each other wanted.”

Lesley Dwyer – Former CEO of the Central Adelaide Local Health who look after the end users

“We all know our job, we know that we rely on each other and I think over the last couple of years, we’ve shown that even when things are a bit difficult, it’s that team and it’s those people that really make a difference. We’ve worked really, really hard with our team and subcontractors over that time to really make this hospital work at an optimal level. And I think now we’re in a really good position.”

Mark Balnaves – Chairman Celsus Board of Directors

“There’s been a huge investment to make sure this hospital can withstand any technological changes over the next 20 years and beyond. So as things change, we’ll be able to adapt and make sure it can continue to serve the needs of South Australia.”

Strong relationships came to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal Adelaide Hospital has showed that it’s one of the safest buildings in the world. Staff were able to do things in this building that not only kept patients safe, but kept the staff safe as well. Although the partnership was already on a strong foundation, it really lifted during that time and went from strength to strength.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital has shown itself to be the new century hospital for a once-in-a-century pandemic. 


In an emergency, it’s all systems go

Thanks to its unique design, the Royal Adelaide Hospital excels in every way. In urgent trauma cases, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. At the Royal Adelaide Hospital, all critical care areas are located on top of one another.

The helipad, operating theatres, intensive care unit and blood transfusion units all sit on top of the emergency department. And they can all be accessed by what are called ‘hot lifts’ in less than two minutes.


World-class innovations include

  • Pandemic mode air conditioning and 700 single rooms to improve patient privacy and reduce patient movement, decreasing infection risks
  • Patients can choose what they’d like to eat up to 30 minutes prior to meal times
  • Automated guided vehicles or AGVs deliver food as well as surgical and medical supplies


World-leading technology and partnerships deliver in times of need, but day-to-day emergencies will always be a part of any hospital

At the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the emergency department has some unique features with 70 private individual cubicles. These ensure that patients have more privacy and also helps prevent the spread of infection.


The Royal Adelaide Hospital is a magnificent addition to the South Australian health system

The hospital has 700 single rooms all with an outward facing aspect.

70 Courtyards throughout the hospital means you are able to look outside and see greenery.

220 Computer servers and about two million kilometres of structured cables that run throughout the facility

Almost 17,000 meals are cooked at the hospital every week.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is a major investment in the South Australian community, and one made with a long-term future in mind

A fundamental part of the State’s social fabric.