The Public Private Partnership (PPP) 

The investors in Celsus, with the backing of 18 national and international banks and investment funds, comprise some of the nation’s and the world’s most substantial and successful first-tier infrastructure investors, with extensive experience and expertise in delivering public infrastructure assets around the world.  

Collectively, the equity investors have delivered more than 500 PPP projects worldwide, including 70 hospitals. 

A PPP is a contracting mechanism in which a Government-initiated project is designed, funded, constructed and maintained by the private sector in partnership with a public sector agency. Public Private Partnerships have been pivotal in the development of social and economic infrastructure in Australia, delivering value for money and improved efficiencies over the life of the infrastructure assets. 

Celsus is strongly committed to the PPP model and has proven that large-scale infrastructure assets such as the newly completed Royal Adelaide Hospital can be successfully achieved through this model. 

The Celsus investors regard the world-leading Royal Adelaide Hospital, and the stunning precinct in which it operates, as a significant opportunity for South Australia to attract further investment during a pivotal period of economic transformation for the State. 

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