Happy birthday to the RAH she has now turned 4 and is looking good! Thanks to the great Celsus team who have got us to where we are today Hassan Dawood, Lianne Smith-Harding, Sue Phillips, Belinda Hillis, Michelle Evans, Hilary Campbell,Rohit Selvaratnam, Damien Breen and special mention to Greg Wenham. To all our Directors (Mark Balnaves, Bill Haughey, Brian McGlynn, scott markwick, Fiona Hele, Sang Vo, and Julian Polic) thank you for going the distance! To all of our CALHN friends and colleagues thanks for supporting the partnership and a special mention to Lesley Dwyer, Elke Kropf, and Paul Lambert. To our key subcontractors Spotless and DXC Technology (Christopher Bertram, Tim Hodgetts, Andy Wheble, Peter Tompkins, and Bill Cotter) thank you for your ongoing support. #partnerships#celsus#leadership